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Attractive Billboards Change Market Landscape in Visayas and Mindanao

Attractive Billboards Change Market Landscape in Visayas and Mindanao

Do you ever recall travelling from the city to the countryside and cannot see a attractive billboards by the side of the road? Perhaps you do not. This is because billboards have always been the greatest weapon of advertisers ever since the first modern 24-sheet billboard appeared in 1889 during the Paris Exposition. From that time on, big advertisers started making huge billboards for their various marketing campaigns. To this day, billboards are changing the market landscape in Visayas and Mindanao, as well as the rest of the Philippine Islands. As such, erasing them from the urban and rural landscape is inconceivable at the very least.

Attractive Billboards Complement the Beauty of the Scenery

Though they are man-made structures, they have been designed to complement the beauty of the surrounding scenery. Billboards have the ability to add color and vibrancy to the sometimes barren countryside where all you see are either various types of agricultural crops or thick grass growths. In urban settings where concrete jungles are the norm, colorful and engaging billboards are a breath of fresh air.

In both instances, the eyes of travellers and other road users are often drawn to the colorful images and texts of these attractive billboards. When they do, many of these travellers and road users become highly potential customers of the product or services advertised on attractive billboards. This is why advertisers go great lengths of carefully designing the billboard so they convey their message with greater efficacy without obstructing the rural or urban landscape.

An Effective Advertising Medium

Marketers, particularly those in the technology sector, are oftentimes at loggerheads on the efficacy of attractive billboards. The primary contention is that with the emergence of new technologies and rampant use of tablets, smartphones, as well as vehicle GPS, do billboards still matter? The short answer is yes, not only do they matter but in fact have become very important partners of new technology.

Take for instance the Grab billboard along Lacson Street in Bacolod City. Grab (taxi) is a product of technological advances and its service heavily rely on modern devices like smartphones and GPS. Though they have a good business model that is very popular with the riding public, they still have to contend with other competitors. These competitors include those who have similar business models and those who are in the traditional public utility vehicle industry.

Given these circumstances, Grab saw the need to advertise on a giant billboard to reach out to the riding public and remind them how advantageous it is to secure their services. Since Grab’s billboard is located along a major thoroughfare where tens of thousands of commuters pass by on the daily basis, they are sure to be noticed by these travellers.

It is not surprising, therefore, if Grab will experience a spike in their sales. Why? It is because of the simple reason that the location and size of their billboard managed to place them at the top of the minds of their potential customers. Those living or working in the southern part of the city wishing to dine or shop at a popular mall, going to the North Terminal, or travel beyond that point, will always see the brand and logo of Grab (taxi). The next time they wish to engage the services of a public utility transport, they will first think of Grab over that of other public utility vehicles.

Basic Advertising Concept

In the preceding example, Steel Art Billboards, the designer and supplier of the Grab ad along Lacson Street in Bacolod City, used a basic advertising concept that regular folks may be unaware of. The concept in question involved the use of Grab’s logo and branding and, in a way, repeat them often enough to ensure that potential customers see the benefits of hiring them.

A smartphone showing the Grab app being held up by a giant hand and juxtaposed with a car, smiling driver and seemingly relieved student convey the message how easy it is to hire their service. This promotes a vision in the mind of potential customers that there is no transport service like the one offered by Grab. Even the background color plays a huge role in reminding customers about Grab.

Since this particular billboard can be seen by thousands of commuters passing by a famous mall on a 24/7 cycle, it can be said that the message is also being repeated thousands of times. All of these happen without the conscious knowledge of the target customer. In fact, even a fleeting glance at this engaging billboard is more than enough to remind the potential customer to hire the services of Grab next time around.

A Brainy Solution To Increase Sales

Among the major goals of companies at the beginning of each year always relate to sales. Business outfits that experienced excellent sales during the previous year often look for ways to further improve their sales in the current year. Needless to say, businesses that experience a slump in sales during the preceding year always look forward to improving, if not doubling, their sales performance for the current year.

In either case, the task often falls on the shoulders of the marketing department. Their assignment oftentimes deals with looking for a brainy solution, such as the putting up of an attractive billboard, which can engage customers and improve their company’s sales performance.

A Quality Billboard Supplier

While the marketing department people of a particular business outfit may come up with a promotion concept they think would work, many would always partner with good billboards suppliers like Steel Art Billboards. This top-rated billboard supplier and designer have been in the business of changing the market landscape for the better in the past twenty years. Their long experience in the field of Out-Of-Home media advertising has allowed them to obtain vast knowledge about important matters relating to billboard marketing.

It is not surprising, therefore, if giant multi-national companies like Grab (taxi) partner with Steel Art Billboards when looking for a brainy solution to expand their market coverage. Aside from coming up with attractive billboards that can engage potential customers, their ads have always managed to enhance the surrounding area. If you are an owner or marketing office of a local or national company, you will definitely see it is in your best interest to hire the best and most reliable Out-Of-Home media provider like Steel Art Billboards. This is very easy to do as you can always reach Steel Art through mobile phone number 0917-3000-840 or via email at When you partner with Steel Art Billboards, your marketing efforts will have more than marvelous effects and your company will enjoy a potential sharp increase in sales. What are you waiting for? Contact Steel Art now and begin your company’s journey towards a more profitable future.

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