Ideal Primary Colors to Use for that Attention-Grabbing Billboard (Part 1)

Ideal Primary Colors to Use for that Attention-Grabbing Billboard (Part 1)

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Steel Art Billboards – the best billboard supplier for those who want to be on a billboard and VISMIN billboard

Colors can trigger a variety of emotional responses. This observation is very much apparent on stunning billboards. These include those designed and created by Steel Art Billboards, the best billboard supplier in central and southern Philippines. Studies made by experts have shown that a broad range of emotional responses are linked with colors, though some of these may be vague while others are apparent. There are also times where color to emotional response may vary depending on a region or country. In other cases, such relationship are more universal.

In some cases, colors may take on different meanings which can be dependent on its context and application. What is important is you know what are the ideal primary colors that you should use. This is to ensure you’ll have an attention-grabbing billboard anywhere in the Philippines, particularly in the VISMIN (Visayas-Mindanao) region.

Although it is true that a lot of factors can influence your decision in coming up with colors for your billboard design, you need to consider how certain colors can trigger an emotional response. For instance, you should know that yellow and red are generally regarded as perhaps the best attention-grabbing colors. Blue, on the other hand, is generally regarded as something that symbolizes knowledge, which may explain why some banks, insurance companies, educational institutions, and similar organizations, prefer to have this color as the main theme on their billboards.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should not use such colors if your organization belongs to another category. Like all other things in the design structure, these rules and observations are not etched in stone but rather as tools that you would want to use or exploit in order for your message to reach your target market.

If you are at a loss on what colors, or primary color, to use in order to have a stunning billboard, then this article might help guide you to the best direction. Just like what was mentioned earlier, however, the proceeding propositions are not catch-all rules that should be religiously followed. These are just basic suggestions that have worked for many of the clients of Steel Art Billboards. Nonetheless, you will find these ideas to be comprehensive and useful in the billboard marketing efforts of your company.

The following are basic colors which usually make for a stunning billboard that can catch the eye of your target market.


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Steel Art Billboards – the best billboard supplier for those who want to be on a billboard and VISMIN billboard


It is the color of passion, the zealous shade of the spectrum. It symbolizes deep love and hatred, of sympathy and conflict, as well as patriotism and chaos. This color represents warmth, excitement, strength, passion, power, and fire. It also represents extreme emotions like anger, battle, blood, and crudity. Though these depictions may seem conflicting at times, they only show the universality of the red color when it comes to passionate matters.

In sum, it is a highly emotional color which can even increase your blood pressure and respiration rate. Because it is visible even from afar, it is the preferred color used by emergency services, as well as traffic authorities for its warning and hazard signs. Its association with courage and bravery is perhaps the reason why a lot of countries have red colors on their national flags. Historically, red represent majesty, triumph and royalty. Studies have also shown that red has often been linked to prompt impulse purchases and have been used by some organizations to create a sense of pomp and state of affairs.

Steel Art Billboards – the best billboard supplier for those who want to be on a billboard and VISMIN billboard

Role in Advertising and Design

A red background has the ability to bring images and text to the front, which in turn encourages your target audience to make prompt decisions. Look around you and see which color is oftentimes used for marketing words like “Sale,” “Buy Now,” “Special Promo,” or similar ads and you would definitely notice it is red or a shade of it. Its close association with energy may also be the reason why a lot of energy drinks, sportswear, and vehicles use this color on huge VISMIN billboards.

Personality Association

Studies have shown that vigorous and action-oriented personalities are inclined to prefer red over other colors. These include athletes, active professionals, optimists, and people who are generally on-the-go. This color has also been found to be preferred by thrill-seekers the glamorous. This does not mean, however, that you use regular red on all your VISMIN billboards. Depending on what works for your brand, shades like pink, brown, light red, reddish brown, or dark red may also be used in lieu of regular solid red.

Steel Art Billboards – the best billboard supplier for those who want to be on a billboard and VISMIN billboard


As mentioned earlier, the color blue has often been associated with tranquility, peace and knowledge. Often recognized as the color of the sky, the sea and ice, blue denotes infinity, coolness, formality and relaxation, it also symbolizes honesty, loyalty, purity and compassion. Experts agree that this cool color provide your body some benefits as it slows your metabolism and somewhat calms you down.

Blue, or some shades of it, are often used by businesses or organization with products or services relating to cleanliness, intellect, air and sky, high-technology, consciousness, as well as the water and the sea.

This is perhaps the reason why a lot of companies that belong to the high-tech and telecommunications industry use blue as their primary color. The same goes for airline and sea-transport companies. Most bottled water companies also use blue as their main color. Because this color has often been viewed as representing, not only intellect but also stability, precision and expertise, it comes as no surprise that big corporations and financial institutions use blue in many of their logos.

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Steel Art Billboards – the best billboard supplier for those who want to be on a billboard and VISMIN billboard

Using Blue In Advertising

However, if you are in the restaurant business or your company deals with food or cooking, try to avoid using this color as it has been found to suppress appetite. If you belong to these industries, better use red as it enhances appetite. Nevertheless, using blue alongside warm colors like red can produce astounding results which you may also love.

Character Overtone

Blue is often associated with dignity and conservatism. Individuals who have these character traits usually do not participate in conversations that they deem silly unless it is absolutely and unquestionably necessary. These persons are often what are termed as “serious buyers” because when they make up their mind upon seeing a billboard ad that appeals to them, they proceed and really make the purchase.

Steel Art Billboards – the best billboard supplier for those who want to be on a billboard and VISMIN billboard


Billboards get only an average of 8 seconds of viewing time from people who pass by it. This is why it is very important that you get their attention within that short time frame. In this regard, the colors that you use will matter a lot. It might even be the one thing that could grab the attention of people so your billboard can deliver the message you want.

The above-mentioned colors are only two of the primary tones that could help in your billboard marketing efforts. Aside from catching the attention of your target audience, these colors have the ability to help create stunning images that could further amplify the message you are trying to deliver. If you are a bit uncertain of what color to use, you might want to seek advice from Steel Art Billboards, unarguably the best billboard supplier in the Visayas and Mindanao regions of the Philippines. With expert help, you will definitely enjoy a spike in demand for your products or services.

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