Grab the Opportunity to Capture a Bigger Market Using Stunning Billboards

Grab the Opportunity to Capture a Bigger Market Using Stunning Billboards

Stunning Billboards by SteelArt at night

Stunning billboards that line the streets of various thoroughfares in Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu, Davao and Cagayan De Oro never fail to capture the hearts and minds of potential customers. They spread word about the products and services your company offers. Most of the times, stunning billboards help guide people into making their final decision about purchasing your products and services. In many ways, huge billboards help open the opportunity for you to capture a bigger market share by simply being available for all to see, 24 hours a day and 7 times a week.

But how does it work? Why big and stunning billboards are effective mediums of advertising compared to other methods?

To understand how they work, you need to know how they are able to capture the attention of your target market. If you notice, most billboards you see, whether in Iloilo, Aklan, Bacolod, Cebu, Davao or Cagayan de Oro usually have an emotional appeal. Like the ones created by SteelArt, the best billboard supplier this side of the planet, stunning billboards have an interruptive ability, that is, it has the capability to make you stop and look up.

By looking up and spending that few seconds, usually lasting anywhere between 4 and six seconds, potential customers get bombarded by the core message that advertisers want to deliver. It could be an assurance of a better car, a nice home, or even a promise of winning some cash if you bought a product or service, just like the advertisement of Davies on Lacson Street. It’s like telling your target market “Hey, I’m trustworthy. Get me.” This particular message drives home to the sub-conscious mind of your prospective customers and entices them to get the products or services your company offers.

More than just a common media advertising, like small tarps or pamphlets, billboards can trigger a word-of-mouth advertising that often result in increased sales. For instance, you are travelling down the busy road of Osmeña Boulevard in Cebu City and then you saw looming above you a billboard that announces the branch opening of a popular eye clinic. You then remembered that a loved one, or a friend, has been mentioning about getting their eyes checked. Such recollection, triggered by the billboard advertisement, can activate a classic word-of-mouth advertising that will help the advertiser in many ways.

Naturally, desiring to be on a billboard does not mean you grab the nearest ad agency and commission them to create one for you. There is a need to present your company in an engaging manner. To this end, Steel Art Billboards, the best billboard supplier in the VisMin (Visayas and Mindanao) region, can help you achieve this goal. The company follows tried and tested methodologies which it has enhanced and modified to suit the desires and needs of both the advertisers and its target market.

Here are some guidelines that SteelArt strictly follows to ensure a successful advertising campaign that truly converts.

Stunning Billboards by Steel Art Billboards


Your billboard ads must be in line with your business positioning. An effective positioning strategy would help identify the right target audience for your billboard advertising. Good business positioning could also help you enumerate the features and benefits of the product you’re trying to push to the market, as well as provide the target audience reasons why such product is unique and superior compared to its competitors.

Keeping It Simple

As an advertiser, you need to understand that the greater majority of your target audience may have trouble remembering the names of friends during their school days, let alone a complicated billboard message. This is why Steel Art Billboards, the undisputed leader and best billboard supplier in the VISMIN area, follow the KISS principle of US Navy designers. Short for Keep It Simple, Stupid, the company espouses a simple headline followed by single concept ad elements that efficiently support such headline. The single line text, complemented by photos and other graphics, should combine to present a solid message that drives home to the desires of the target market.

Style That Clicks

You may not be aware of it but billboards have their own personality and style. If your product deals with health and beauty, your ad elements should also reflect the same. It will become confusing for your target market if your product belongs to health and beauty category yet your ad elements suggests things that relate to cars or houses. You need to find a pleasant personality and style for your ads then stay with it for at least a year. Try to do some research on what type of style and personality best fits your product then stick with it for a while. Don’t change your ad personality and style abruptly or too often as it might confuse your target market. Besides, it can affect your billboard ad’s memorability.


Be credible in what you claim in your billboard advertisements. If you claim your product is cheaper compared to others when it clearly is not, then you might just be stoking a potential controversy. You also need to avoid identifying or demeaning your competitors as it might backfire and just promote ill-will. Use words that promote goodwill and at the same time, espousing the good characteristics of your product without pointing out that your product is better than a particular brand. Above all, make sure that what you claim in your ad is really true. If you say that your product will make your target audience’s skin whiter and smoother in two weeks, it should do this particular job within that time frame. If not, your product might become a target of negative reactions which can hasten its demise.

Ask Them To Buy Your Product

Never be too shy to ask your target market to buy from you without ever saying “Buy my product.” You can do this covertly by providing enough information about where to get your product. Regular information like phone numbers, location, and similar things, are simple Call To Action elements that could trigger your target market’s impulse to buy your product.

The things discussed above are only some of the guidelines that Steel Art Billboards follow. They work well, not only with the company, but also for clients who hired the services of the best billboard supplier in the VISMIN region of the Philippines. The results of the stunning billboard ads created by Steel Art have helped a lot of companies convert their ad investments into leads and actual sales. So if you want to enjoy the same results, then all you need to do is contact Steel Art Billboards now at 0917 3000 840 and experience how your sales can grow through your billboard ad investment.


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